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Bifurcation Theory of Functional Differential Equations

Guo, Shangjiang.

Bifurcation Theory of Functional Differential Equations [electronic resource] / by Shangjiang Guo, Jianhong Wu. - IX, 289 p. online resource. - Applied Mathematical Sciences, 184 0066-5452 ; . - Applied Mathematical Sciences, 184 .

This book  provides a crash course on  various methods from the bifurcation theory of Functional Differential Equations (FDEs). FDEs arise very naturally in economics, life sciences and engineering  and the study of FDEs has been a major source of inspiration for advancement in nonlinear analysis and infinite dimensional dynamical systems. The  book summarizes some practical and general approaches and frameworks for the investigation of bifurcation phenomena of FDEs depending on parameters. The book aims to be self-contained so the readers will find in this book all relevant materials in bifurcation, dynamical systems with symmetry, functional differential equations, normal forms and center manifold reduction. This material was used in graduate courses on functional differential equations at Hunan University (China) and York University (Canada).


10.1007/978-1-4614-6992-6 doi

Difference equations.
Functional equations.
Ergodic theory.
Differential equations.
Difference and Functional Equations.
Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory.
Ordinary Differential Equations.


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