Freequently Asked Questions

What are the opening and closing hours of the library?

The library is opened at 8.00 am and closed at 10.00 pm on all office/working days. 

Can I access the library or get general facilities if I am outside the university?


Do I need a library card to use the library?

Yes, In this case you have to bear your student ID card.

How can I get membership for library use?

For students, just come to library with your admission slip and for others user, appointment letter of every personnel is required. 

Can I use my mobile phone in the library?

This area is for quiet and silent study, so mobile phones should be silent. 

Who can use the library facilities?

Teachers, students, researchers and employees who carry valid ID card. of the university can use the library. 

I have forgotten my remote access password, how do I find this?

Please come to library, Necessary steps will be taken soon.

How can I find out a book, journal or magazine in the library?

There are two computers available in the 2nd and 3rd floor of library for searching the library materials. Otherwise, a remote access service is going to start to search library resources remotely means outside of the campus.


Do retired faculties, staff or ex-students have access to SUST library?


Can I eat or drink in the library?

It is not permitted to eat or drink inside the library.

What is a call number?

It is a code, comprised of letters and number that is pasted on spine of a book for tracing it on a shelf.

How do I get to advanced search in OPAC? or how can I search the online catalogue of SUST library?

One can search SUST library online catalogue through library page. Please visit: 

How do I use e –Resources from off campus?

Remote access (from outside the university network) to the library’s electronic resources is allowed to institutional users (faculties, students, employees) with a e-mail address. 

Is there any plagiarism checking software in the SUST library of SUST?

Yes, namely iThenticate Growth License (Turnitin).

How many resources/ book a user can borrow at a time and for how long?

All users of SUST library can take advantage of the borrow service. Students can withdrawal two books for ten days as well as teachers and other employees for three months. 

What are the overdue charges if I return a book late?

If a user is failed to return book on time, he/she will have to pay: Tk-5 per day for each item.

How many times can I renew an item?

With physical submission of the borrowed item, a user can renew the same item only once. 

Can I send another person to borrow or return a book for me?

The loan is personal, so the user who intends to borrow books must come to library physically with own identity document. The return can be made by other person. 

I lost/ damage a book that I borrowed from the library, what should I do?

User must send a replacement copy to library and it has to be same edition (latest is prefered), Printing and binding quality of the lost copy. Otherwise he will have to pay double  cost of the lost book.

Can I pay fines online?

Yes, search  and browse  e-Payment


Follow the link - 

Can Journal and magazine be borrowed?


Will I be able to graduate if I have library fine?

You will not be able to graduate with library fines.

How can I find a SUST thesis or articles ?

Search and browse e-Resources 

How can I find former exams questions?

Library preserves former questions in Institutional Repository (IR), SUST. Please search IR

Are Group study rooms available?

Still now it is not available in library. but library authority is taking necessary steps for proving the service soon.

How many daily news papers are available in SUST library?

There are 23 dailies preserved in SUST libary. Among them 18 dailies are national and 5 dailies are local paper. 

How do I get access to e-Journal/e-Books?

Please use the link_  

What do stacks mean?

Stacks are the open shelves of the library books, are located in  libraries. All books are placed on the shelves according to call number. 

Who do I contact if I am facing technical difficulties remotely?

Please contact: Mr. Binoy Kumar Roy

                                     Mrs. Sohely Tamanna-     

                                    Mr. Aktaruzzaman Rasel